My very own ‘Dear Stan-ish’ situation with the rapper Jahaziel…


“Dear Jahaziel, I wrote but you still ain’t respondin,

I left my twitter reply info and my Direct Message details at the bottom,

I sent two tweets back in autumn, you must not-a got ’em

There probably was a problem at the service exchange or somethin

I’m new to twitter perhaps I pressed the wrong thing you know how these things happen”

So basically I am operating on a 5 year social media delay. I meant to sign up to Twitter ages ago but just wasn’t able to get it to the very top of my to do list. Last week though, I finally did it one evening and upon signing up I was given an initial list of famous accounts to follow like One Direction, Taylor Swift and other celebs – to which I quickly declined.

I knew instantly whom I wasn’t interested in following, but like phone numbers, there aren’t many peeps I could actually recall off the top of my head at 11.30pm at night when I set it up, whom I was interested in. That said there were about 5 or 6 people I wanted to follow, if nothing else from the very start and so added those. Arsenal football club got the follow click, as did Jahaziel the rapper……

“I know you probably hear this everyday, but I’m your biggest fan

I even got the underground ish that you did with Skam”

What can I say, Jahaziel to me was a slept on superstar Christian rapper, whom I’ve always raved about to any and everyone! From the first time I saw him at a random open mic session down south ministering the Word, to the Notting Hill Carnival where he commanded the attention, spoke the truth with clarity and his performance had tens of thousands of people bouncing, hands in the air proclaiming they had ‘power in their mouths’. I was a fan, so much so if I saw an album I was thinking of buying and noticed that there was a Jahaziel feature on a track, it was a deal closer- I had to buy it. To me he was a heavyweight whom I respected a lot.

“Dear Slim, you still ain’t called or wrote, I hope you have a chance

I ain’t mad – I just think it’s messed up you don’t answer fans”

Well like I said I am new to all this twitter stuff, like a baby gazelle trying to walk. So I’m now following Jahaziel and I am slightly alarmed at the profanity and oddball comments he’s posting up on my timeline. I don’t know what’s going on, I care – I’m a fan so I then try reach him and tweet him but I just get silence.

“I ain’t that mad though, I just don’t like bein lied to

Remember when we met in Denver – you said if I’d write you, you would write back”

You see I’ve actually met and spoken to this hip hop artist quite a few times before and he always came across as likeable and engaging. Therefore I didn’t think I was too wide of the mark to think that tweeting him would be a way get a discussion going about what was going on with him.

“Dear Mister-I’m-Too-Good-To-Call-Or-Write-My-Fans,

This’ll be the last package I ever send your ass

It’s been six months and still no word – I don’t deserve it?

I know you got my last two letters; I wrote the addresses on ’em perfect”

Okay a couple of days later I notice that Jahaziel is responding to people, but not me. That said reading his tweets, his tone comes across as curt, but 140 characters can curtail pleasantries so that’s cool I know how it goes. Realising he is actually active on twitter I try a new tact – I try to join these ongoing twitter discussions (I’ve worked out the tweeting basics by now) he’s having with others and I finally get his attention and a direct response from Jahaziel and it relates to the church.

“I hope you get to read this letter, I just hope it reaches you in time

Before you hurt yourself, I think that you’ll be doin just fine”

Now for the switch around – something is so off with our ‘conversation’, I go back into Jahaziel’s time line and realise that a few months before I joined twitter, the guy had actually announced that he’d lost his faith. See I was trying to reach him desperately before he went over the edge. I didn’t realise I was too late, he’d already swerved off the bridge.






4 thoughts on “My very own ‘Dear Stan-ish’ situation with the rapper Jahaziel…

  1. haha this is very well written, funny but also a serious situation at the same time, i feel the same way about Jahaziel’s change of heart – hopefully he has really fallen off the bridge and God can help him to do a 180!


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