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Life lessons learned from climbing up a mountain with a juice box, four sweets and wearing flip flops

Lesson 1 – Be careful who you follow.

It’s important that you don’t just follow anyone’s ideas, fashion sense, into battle – or in my case, up a mountain….

It’s easy to follow, much harder to lead and sometimes it actually makes sense to follow a more learned, experienced person. I could even cite the great biblical example of Elisha following Elijah here and in fact go as so far to say I believe we all could do with an Elijah type figure in our lives – a spiritual mentor, father and/or mother. But let’s be clear that’s not what I’m talking about so that said, you have no one else to blame if you follow someone into some kind of ridiculous dodgy situation.

In my case I’d paid hardly any attention to anything that had been said about the day’s itinerary the day before and simply settled in my mind to follow others as we would be doing everything as a group anyway. This was not the first time I’d used this strategy and it had always worked out fine to let others take the lead. No worry, no stress.

Therefore if I’m honest, upon reflection I hold my hands up and acknowledge I’m ultimately to blame and I can’t really say following the advice of a 10 year old boy about whether wearing my flip flops that day was okay. Especially when my inner voice said at least twice, change into trainers (sneakers) before I set off that day. Somehow following the advice of a kid overruled my gut feeling, the Holy Spirit and any kind of common sense. It of course set me up for big problems later on, but at the time, I thought ‘que sera sera, whatever will be, will be – basically what’s the worst that could happen?’

Anyway by now some of you may be wondering if I am being serious, perhaps exaggerating or confusing a very steep hill with an actual mountain. Well the mountain in question has the following Wiki Facts:

  • Table Mountain is a mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa
  • The highest point of Table Mountain is 3,563 feet above sea level
  • The mountain’s main feature is a level plateau at the peak approximately 3 kilometres from side to side, surrounded by steep cliffs.
  • Table Mountain has apparently for various reasons, seen more deaths in the last century than Mount Everest.
  • Climbing a mountain was never on my bucket list.

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Part 2 to follow shortly