Christian humor self-development prayer

Life lessons learned from climbing up a mountain with a juice box, four sweets and wearing flip flops – Pt6 (How to Pray)

Christian humor self-development prayer

Prayer Works

Desperate times, desperate prayers – here are a few snippets….

For further context see Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five


My morning prayer before I left the house....

Dear Lord God,

You deserve all honour and glory, thank you for all the lives you have used me to touch and change on this trip, thus far. I pray that the work you have begun in each and every one of their lives, you will complete it.

I appreciate this opportunity given to me – allowing me to come on this trip and have the experiences I’ve had thus far. I pray for many more anointed and appointed divine encounters this very day, where I’m used to help, encourage, bless and sow into the lives of those I meet.

Please watch over me and protect me as I leave now, do the same for my host family and everyone on this trip today also. I ask that I return back safe and sound tonight.

In Jesus Name



When things got real.....

Oh God,

I don’t know what is going on and I am scared. This day is not going as I thought it would and now I am facing a situation where I am literally having to climb a mountain! I don’t know these people, where we are really going or what we are really doing up here.  I am spinning right now, I don’t think these flip flops will last the climb and I can’t do it barefoot!

God, I am desperate now, please stop this torrential downpour, I can barely see, it is slippery and you know I have never ever experienced lightning and thunder like this before…and so close! I am afraid, please help us – me!



....Err honest discourse.....


I still cannot believe this is really happening to me today. Holy Spirit please give me strength to keep going. I am crying out to you for help Lord, I am crying out to you. Mighty God, I am asking for protection, there are things on this mountain I had no idea about – it feels like I am in the middle of a horror movie! Please don’t allow any of us to be harmed in any way, by anything up here.

There is so much I still haven’t done yet with my life…am I really going to die up here on a mountain like this? Without accomplishing the vision, dreams and goals you gave me? I pray that your will and only your’s prevails in this situation. My sprained ankle is so painful, please stop it so I can keep going – is there any thing that is too hard for You?

Please Jesus. Amen.


Check yo self, before you wreck yo self - cognisance and lucidity

Dear Lord God,

I repent now of anything I have done wrong, for every time I have been stubborn and disobedient in any area of my life. I submit to you and all I pray is that only your will be done. I know that you are a good God, that there is no situation that takes you by surprise or that you cannot bring me through. I love you Lord and praise your Holy name. You said you would never leave me or forsake me and so I am grateful, that even now you are with me, watching over me and protecting me.



Truth be told I prayed this one 7 or 8 times, emotional & teary-eyed that day...

Abba Father, Amazing God,

I am so grateful for everything. I could never have made to the top of this mountain without you. Holy Spirit I am thankful, I truly serve a living God that hears from heaven.  Thank you for healing the pain in my leg, for your supernatural help and strength that kept me going. You really are my ever present help in times of trouble. You are the way, the truth and the light. I will never forget what you brought me through today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord. Amen.


Prayer works.



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